Ednilso Lucas

I am a Boy
I am 9 years old
I live in

$30.00 / months



Ednilso lives in a little village in Boane, Mozambique. This region is strategically located at the intersection of the two main roads leading west to Swaziland and south to South Africa. A very fast and disorganized growth has given rise to profound social changes. In the six villages where the “Case del Sole” of Terre des Hommes operate, economic growth has not yet brought about a real improvement in living conditions. Much of the population does not have access to regular medical care and lacks basic hygiene information. Farming remains the main economic activity as the population struggles to integrate into the growth process (new aluminum industries, sand and stone deposits), due to an insufficient understanding of ongoing processes and the lack of adequate technical preparation. For this reason, our child sponsorship program focuses on breaking the poverty cycle through medical assistance, school scholarships, the distribution of school supplies, recreational activities and additional support to schools.