Joffre Alejandro

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I am 14 years old
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$30.00 / months

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Joffre lives in Puerto Aguarico Ecuador, which is located in the Amazonian province of north-eastern Ecuador. These children come from families that suffer a strong condition of abandonment, social and economic marginality. Basic services are scarce, and the infrastructure is inadequate, especially for school children. (58%) of the families are living below the poverty line, and (17%) of them are living in extreme poverty. Rural poverty in this region is ultimately caused by a lack of education, a lack of employment, a low amount of market integration and family breakdown. The lack of amenities such as access to running water causes chronic illnesses in children such as intestinal parasites and malnutrition. Thanks to the child sponsorships program, a center for children was built and is now operated by skilled professionals. Our program offers children a safe place, school scholarships, the distribution of school supplies, recreational activities and medical assistance.