Florence is a 28 years old lady with 2 children

She feels she has too much of a burden to carry to meet the basic needs of her family. Daily life in Haiti is not easy for this mother. Florence is a caring mother very concerned about the well-being of her family. Although she cannot read or write, her children’s education is her top priority. Florence has contacted several schools, hoping to find one that would offer her children a small scholarship. However, even with a financial aid, she would need to pay part of the school fees and Florence cannot afford them.

Florence is very much discouraged. She thinks life is way too hard on her. She wonders why she always encounters economic difficulties. She’s afraid of the school staff and cannot look them in the eyes. However, Florence does not give up. She asks for help everywhere. She is determined to help her children to advance in their studies. If feeding children is “an unconditional duty, giving them the bread of education is a sacred right”. Around this period, Terre des Hommes Italy, through a sponsorship program for schoolchildren at the GIANCARLO AND MEMI ODERDA FUNDAMENTAL SCHOOL (EFOGIMO), structure of the DIOCESAN CENTER FOR ARTS AND CRAFT (C.D.A.M), selects one of her children to be one of the beneficiaries. Terre des Hommes Italy covers the payment of school fees of her daughter Florencia Brédy, without the mother having to spend a penny to the school. This initiative is like a breath of fresh air for Florence, taking into account all the difficulties that she faced before. This is the first time that one of her children has been able to finish a school year without the slightest constraint. She is very grateful to Terre des Hommes Italy and she hopes that such an initiative does not stop there, so that more children can benefit, especially in such a difficult context. Education is a privilege Florence never had. Despite all the obstacles, she managed to send her children to school keeping them away from the streets and the risk of being recruited by criminal gangs that control much of the country. Fortunately, Terre des hommes Italy was there to help Florence and her children towards achieving this important goal.