Sponsor a Child

Thanks to a small fee of (30 dollars a month) you can improve the living conditions of a girl or a boy, their family and their community.

Here is how your child sponsorship will empower a child and help them to break the poverty cycle!


Children will be taken off the streets from situations of abuse, violence and exploitation and taken to our centers “Le Casa del Sole”, a place to feel safe and protected by qualified caretakers and psychologist. Every child will also be given food, clothing and access to adequate hygiene and sanitation systems.


Children will have access to medical assistance, dental care, vaccinations, nutritious foods, preventative measures against STDs and pre-natal care for young mothers.

Education & Employment

Qualified teachers and staff members with tailored lessons designed to properly meet the needs of each individual child, tutoring programs, the supply of educational materials, drop out recovery courses, the organization of professional training courses and recreational activities.


At our centers, children find peace, serenity, and joy. Every child learns to play instruments and participate in creative activities, rediscovering their rights to play and be children. We promote gender equality by empowering girls to break the “macho” culture that treats women like objects and to become strong independent women.

Sponsor a child

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