What we do


Education is a fundamental human right. There are 264.3 million children who do not have access to education and girls face more barriers to schooling than boys. Each intervention by Friends of Terre des Hommes begins with the right to quality education to promote peaceful and prosperous societies and a better future.

Children are offered education through our centers called “Casa Del Sole.” In addition, our child sponsorship program guarantees that the child gets a quality education through a school scholarship, school materials and all the resources necessary to be a successful student. 


What we do

Improve access to education

Tailored educational programs to meet the individual needs of each child

Technical courses for young adults / parents of the children

Ensure healthy and safe school environments

Encourage and help girls stay in school

The furnishing of classrooms and supplying schools with academic kits and instruments to improve the quality of education

Focus on the children most excluded

After school activities

School recovery courses for school dropouts

Sponsor a child

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