About us

About us

Terre des Hommes Italia is part of the International Federation of Terre des Hommes, founded in Lausanne in 1960. Terre des Hommes Italia aims at protecting children against any type of violence, guaranteeing them the right to life, health, and education, without religious, ethnical, political, or gender-related discrimination. Terre des Hommes Italia is currently working in Africa, Middle East, South America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe, thanks to approximately 45 people in Italy, 70 expats and 1,500 national staff. In 2014, we have established Friends of Terre des Hommes, our US-based arm which is registered as 501 C(3) making all US donations to Terre des Hommes Italia tax deductible.  Stand for Girls is our fund raising campaign aimed at child support, girls empowerment, and emergency relief projects for children in South America and the Caribbean.

What does support a child mean?

Everyone can contribute to change a child’s life today. Thanks to your support, a child could see a concrete and enduring change in their life and you will see how, with your help, you can improve their life and that of their family. With your help: not only can a school, teachers, books, pens, food, medicine appear in a child’s life, but also a place to play and feel protected.

Why support us?

Because we are the leading movement in the protection of children from violence and abuse. In 2013, Terre des Hommes entered the ranking of the 100 best non-governmental organizations in the world – compiled by the prestigious Global Journal – and among the top 10 organizations that deal with children’s rights. Terre des Hommes Italia is currently working in Africa, Middle East, Latin and Central America, Asia, and Europe (Ukraine).


More than 92% of the funds we raise are allocated to directly aid boys and girls and their communities! All donations made out to us enjoy the tax benefits provided for American law (Through Terre des Hommes US branch, Friends of Terre des Hommes which is a 501C3).

Our Impact

In 2021 alone, we have provided direct and professional aid to 1 million direct beneficiaries in 21 countries, and 3,4 indirect beneficiaries.  Children represent over half of our beneficiaries: 640,624, with an increasing focus on girls – 72% among the young people. More than 10,000 children have been accompanied by the “sponsor a child” program.