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Location: Rioverde, Ecuador and Puerto Aquarico, Ecuador

Education, health, protection and promotion of gender equality


Ecuador is a country whose population is a mix of many indigenous peoples who descended from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In Ecuador, the distribution of wealth is incredibly skewed. 1 in 4 people live below the poverty line and 1.5 million Ecuadorians live in extreme poverty. Because of this, child labor is one of the main sources of income for many families. More than 300,000 children in Ecuador are involved in child labor. Rural poverty and delinquency in Ecuador are ultimately caused by lack of education, lack of employment, a low amount of market integration and family breakdown. Often children are left alone while their parents migrate to the city in search of work. Many families live in inadequate housing without electricity or running water and children commonly suffer from intestinal parasites and malnutrition. The public-school system in Ecuador does not offer quality education to children and the infrastructure is very poor.

Specific Goals

Proving quality healthcare and nutritional services and the building of wells in various communities to guarantee the access to drinkable water.

To promote the enrollment of education and school attendance of children living in poverty and social vulnerability by providing appropriate educational opportunities.

Effectively counteract dangerous child labor by providing school-kits, life skills activities: language, communication, art and drama courses, sports, recreational activities and scholarships

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