Ashley V.

I am a Girl
I am 12 years old
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Ashley lives in Rioverde, Ecuador. This region consists of small rural villages near the coast that are often only accessible by foot or by boat. It is historically recognized for its Afro-Ecuadorian population. Here, (62%) of the families are living below the poverty line, which is ultimately caused by the absence of essential goods and services, a lack of education, a lack of employment, a low amount of market integration and family breakdown. Many families live in shacks without electricity or running water and children commonly suffer from intestinal parasites and malnutrition. The children’s school system is failing due to the community’s high illiteracy rates, lack of qualified teachers and the poor structural conditions of the schools. For this reason, our child sponsorship program focuses on breaking the poverty cycle through medical assistance, school scholarships, the distribution of school supplies, recreational activities and additional support to schools.