Delia M.

I am a Girl
I am 14 years old
I live in

$30.00 / months

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Delia lives in a village in the Omacha district of Peru, located 13,000 feet high in the Peruvian Andes. Omacha is one of the poorest districts in Peru. (95%) of the population is living below the poverty line and (80%) of them are living in extreme poverty. The conditions of poverty are characterized by marginalization, the absence of essential goods and services, high rates of illiteracy, lack of fixed work and lack of education. The population lives in many pre-medieval situations, often without access to the most basic human rights. Over 80% of the children, ages 0-9, suffer from chronic malnutrition and the rate of anemia in children is alarmingly high. Children are often exploited for labor and forced to abandon their studies. Thanks to the child sponsorship program, children are provided with medical assistance, a safe place, school scholarships, the distribution of school supplies, recreational activities and additional support is offered to schools and families.